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At KC Rug & Restoration  we specialize in environmentally safe area rug cleaning for clients throughout the entire KC metro area.  We are an industry leader in area rug cleaning, rug repair and restoration. We are a family locally-owned business, and the vast majority of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

   Our professionals take pride in the work we do daily.  Which is another quality customers enjoy. We ensure that all of the customer's needs are met. With 20 years of professional experience to help your every cleaning needs.

Oriental rugs and loose woven rugs  will be cleaned at our business  location.  All Clean cares are preformed for the finest oriental, contemporary, commercial rugs. We will pick-up your rug and bring it to our business location. Where it will receive our very thorough inspection and maximum cleaning. Many antique and oriental rugs are unique in color and design. Finding the exact correct product, color and material to match is of the utmost importance. Clients purchasing repair please allow up to six months for completion. appraisals, many of these rugs are rare and research and a final document can take up to a year to produce.

    KC Rug Cleaners is located at 426 N. 6th St.  on historic Strawberry Hill, two blocks south of downtown Kansas City, Kansas. Thank you for patronage.

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"For almost two hundred years, (1820-2020) my family has lived in and loved the wonderful world of rugs! Our passion for rugs is contagious!"

  • 426 N. 6th St.Kansas City KS, 66101
  • kcrugcleaners@gmail.com